The True Cost of

Employing Staff

Desk Space
IT Equipment
IT Support
Performance Management
Absences & Sick Pay
Dispute Resolution
Maternity & Paternity Pay
Data Management & Compliance
Pension Scheme
Bonuses & Commission
Management & Supervision
Holiday Pay & Cover
Employee Admin
PAYE & Payroll Costs

For a more accurate cost of direct employment. Multiply the annual salary by 2.5x. Some websites claim it can be as high as 5x the annual salary.

On-Boarding Process

The Formulation


Our director will work with you to develop a marketing strategy that is not only achievable but realistic based on your resources and budget.

The Strategy


Our team will get to work with the on-boarding process. Setting up software, domains, CRM, telephone lines and email accounts etc.

The Implementation


Your newly appointed marketing team will hit the ground running. Firing out emails and speaking to all the right people from day one.



An experienced social media enthusiast that can produce engaging content on message, consistently. 


A dedicated account manager whose job it is to ensure your team are operating at full capacity and to be your single point of contact between you and your team.


Resilience and tenacity! With an untethered ability to navigate gatekeepers whilst building trust and respect with them.

An ability to use words to pick the locks in peoples brains that cause them to buy from you.


The tech skills and creativity to produce your vision, express your band in visual format and establish your brand above all others.

The Reality of Direct Employment

The Recruitment Process

For any type of sales or marketing role, you'll need to see a proven track record and because you know that 80% of a persons CV is fabricated you'll likely employ a recruitment agent. There are mountains of recruitment agents out there so finding the right one at the right cost is as challenging as finding the right person to fill your role.

The First Day

Let's flash forward several weeks and a few £hundred lighter, you've found the perfect person so you've spent the weekend in your new office setting-up their IT and after hours of tinkering, you're almost there but decide you'll work out the teething issues on the day.

Your new hire sits at the desk.

What now...

The Real Problem

After all of that preparation, sourcing a recruitment agent, spending your weekend in the office only to discover that no matter how much experience they have you still need to spend the next 2-weeks (minimum) training that person to do the job you employed them to do, use the software you spent weeks trialling and customising to fit your business.

Then after the 2-weeks of intense training, that person then turns to you to say...

"Sorry, I don't think this role is right for me"

And so you start again!

Scale your business at speed...

Corporate Address

Lead Generating Website

Call Answering

Your website needs to collect the details of the people that may be interested in your product or service. No longer will you be seeing increased traffic without the sales to show for it.

Professional call answering to screen and vet those inbound calls - saving you time and money.

Your customers will know you have a professional office address and meeting space along with it to take those all-important business meetings.

Comprehensive Marketing Strategy

If we're going to market your business we need to understand your goals, niche, brand, product or service. We work with you to develop a robust marketing strategy so that we can then develop tactics to deliver results.

What Your Business Needs...


You need more qualified prospects coming into the top end of your sales funnel. Highly targeted, nurtured prospects.


Your business needs to be positioned as an expert in its industry. Showing authority yet empathy for the challenges your prospects face and also how your business can solve their problems


Let's not forget the reason why we're doing all of this. Your business demands sales and LIMIVEX can deliver

A word from our director

Untitled design (17).png

I know how challenging it is employing staff especially when trying to employ people with skill sets that might be alien to us and the hidden costs of employment can be crippling to a business.

We offer a clear advantage to our customers as we provide a fully-functional sales and marketing operation from day one helping businesses build portfolios of prospects, nurture those prospects and close sales.

- Daniel Hill (MD)

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