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  • Optimised Outreach

    Every month
    Automate your outreach with optimised messaging
    • Two-channel Approach (LinkedIn & Email)
    • Manage all of your responses via our unified inbox
    • Fully optimised audience and messaging by LIMIVEX
  • Most Popular

    Managed Outreach

    Every month
    We actively manage your prospects through a LIVE pipeline
    • Two-Channel Outreach (LinkedIn & Email)
    • Bespoke 20+ Page Marketing Strategy
    • Unbilled Onboarding Period (2-3 Months)
    • Targeted Calls (up to 50/week)
  • LIMIVEX Omnipresence

    Every month
    Become Omnipresent
    • Three-Channel Outreach (LinkedIn, Email & Telemarketing)
    • Fully Managed Pipeline
    • LinkedIn Profile Management (3 posts per week)
    • LinkedIn Audience Build (targeted engagement with content)
    • Telemarketing (up to 500 calls per month)
    • Targeted calls and email follow-ups (up to 100 per month)
    • Unlimited Creative Design (eBooks, videos, newsletters etc.)
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