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3 Reasons Why Marketing Wins Over Sales Every Day of The Week

Precisely the reason you're now reading this. I didn't call you up and tell you to read my blog. This post will be here for the rest of time or until I decide otherwise, it's purpose is to educate and promote my company. It must be working because you're still reading...

1. Communicate To The Masses

Marketing allows you to create a single piece of work or content and communicate to hundreds, thousands even millions of people and communicate that same message every hour of every single day. How much would it cost you to phone or meet with hundreds of people whilst consistently conveying the same message to all those people.

Then, how about calling those same people the very next day to convey a completely new message.

Just Not Possible!

2. Generate Emotional Responses

They say a picture can say a thousand words and that couldn't be more true than in marketing. You might not know it but you clicked to read this post because of the photograph.

In order to create an emotional response over the telephone or via face-to-face to do need to have a particular skill set and one which doesn't come around so often, many of the people with this skill set become motivational speakers or run their own businesses across various industries. It is very rarely a skill set that can be found in your typical talent pools.

With all the software and graphic design capabilities now available for hire out there, marketing agencies are no longer just for the rich and powerful corporations, heck, if you have the time you can do this stuff yourself. It's quickly becoming childsplay!

3. Marketing Doesn't Get Drunk

Not so true for the creators, I can vouch for that!

So you've taken on a new salesperson, you've already paid that recruitment agency best part of £10k, you've got that shiny new car on a costly and tax inefficient lease scheme plus the laptop, phone, healthcare, pension and all those other benefits people are demanding nowadays.

Then they get drunk, don't turn in on Monday and their performance is hindered all week. Only to do it again the next weekend, you're paying them enough.

Eat, Sleep, Get P*ssed, Repeat!

The Solution

A better idea would be to outsource all of your sales and marketing to LIMIVEX and you wouldn't have even a fraction of the headaches and you'll probably have some change left over. Plus, the added benefit of guaranteed results of a minimum of 2.5x your investment with us.

Ask your new sales guy to offer to give you your money back if he fails. I wonder how that conversation would go...


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