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3 Reasons Lead Generation Doesn't Work

If you're like many business owners you have tried some kind of lead generation service or company and inevitably your relationship with that company or service provider deteriorates quickly because Lead Generation does not mean Sales, and you need sales!

This article is not an attack on Lead Generators, there are some extremely good and ethical Lead Generation companies out there but, equally there are some looking to make a quick buck and couldn't give a toss about your business!

But lead generation may not be right for your business at all...


The leads you are paying for have been sold to multiple companies identical to yours. Sometimes as many as ten businesses would have received a single lead and I also found that the lead generation companies which operate as telemarketers, white-labelled under your company name and typically price on a "time-spent" basis, even they would be sharing the leads with other campaigns within their company.

This means that if you're operating in a crowded market, as many of us are, your lead generation campaign is funding another businesses growth...

How is that ETHICAL!!


The reason lead generation works for a small number of companies, and typically (but not always) large companies, is because they bring several USP's to the party.

I'm not saying smaller companies can't level the playing field against larger corporations but, if your company, brand and business does not have stand-out features, strong reasons for buyers to choose you over your competitors you will lose 9 times out of 10. And not because you're brand is weak, but because you're being pitted unfairly against competitors with deep pockets and groups of expert marketeers around them.

You are paying to fight against lions when polar bears like you, are more suited to a different climate and terrain


I have spoken to a lot of lead generators over the years and one of their biggest frustrations of the more ethical group is investing their efforts and time (which you're paying for) into generating quality leads only for the client (you) to do nothing with it.

You see it's great having a company do all the leg work for you but if you don't have the time, organisational skills or resources to be at the end of a phone or inbox to deal with that lead immediately the quality will deteriorate rapidly and the longer you leave it the less value you're actually getting for your money.

So this article isn't all about the devil lead generators, more often than not you are as equally to blame.


LIMIVEX is not a Lead Generation company. We are somewhat of a hybrid operating as a Marketing Agency but with a Military-grade telemarketing and email marketing solution.

It is in fact our £150k of B2B data which makes us stand out from the crowd and one of the reasons we are able to guarantee SALES!

If you don't already know, we offer:

  • 250% Guaranteed ROI (minimum)

  • Exclusivity to YOUR business

  • FREE Business Support Solutions

Take a look at the unique ways in which we can help your business grow during this time of economic downturn.


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