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It's 6:30am and I stumble downstairs to find...

It's 6:30am and I stumble downstairs to find my beautiful girlfriend and our daughter sitting on the sofa. She smiles and says "Yours' is in the kitchen."

I eat breakfast sat next to them, I look across and see our daughter Bella on her knee, a bowl of blueberry porridge held in her left hand (Bella's breakfast) and a bagel in her right hand. I look at her with sheer bemusement.

Now, I'm not completely new to the breakfast eating scene and I wasn't bamboozled by her breakfast eating capabilities, but our daughter is now 12-months old and only then had I realise how impressive my girlfriend is at looking after us all, the level of multi-tasking required is beyond the comprehension of my simple mind or even ability.

"I'm Not Completely New To The Breakfast Eating Scene"

We celebrate mothers day and international women's day but is this enough for us, mere mortal males to appreciate the adroitness, dexterity and overall superiority of our female counterparts.

Women have imparted some of the greatest changes to business and society across history and you wouldn't have to look far to see the how, what and why!

I wanted to write this article today on Good-Friday, in the stillness of a bank holiday during the lockdown to help us all remember just how powerful the females of the world really are. I think we may still be focused a little too much on ourselves and less on those that really make our world go round.

Let's show our females and families just how much they mean to our world.


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