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Pursue Happiness, Not Money!

If I ask you; what do you value most, happiness or money? Of course, the answer is almost always happiness (if your answer is money you're a prick).

So if 99.9% of people value happiness over money then why are they constantly working towards more money; that pay rise, that next big client or that new business idea?

Maybe they are chasing the effects of what money can bring, maybe they think that by having more money they would be able to enrich their lives with material goods which might make them happier. I've even heard someone say that they want more money so they can help other people.

Total Bollocks!

A richman’s wealth is his fortified city; it is like a high wall in his imagination. Before his downfall a man’s heart is proud, but humility comes before honor.

Material goods will not make you happier, that dream car will not make you happier, that new TV will not make you happier, that bigger house will not make you happier. And I can tell you that giving away money will definitely not make you happier. If you want to help someone, donate your time, love, kindness. The people you are trying to help will value your time more than your money and if this is not true, they really don't deserve your money!

The philosophy of modern-day society is flawed.

The most valuable commodity in your life is time. And what's even more interesting; your time is constantly and continuously undervalued by other people. Fact!

There's a reason why employers employ, it's because they value their time much more than they do yours. I too am guilty of this and I pray on people that are pursuing money and not happiness so that I can spend my valuable and in fact priceless time pursuing happiness in any way I can.

Now, I'm not going to tell you how to pursue happiness because happiness means many different things to different people but just by getting this priority straight in your own mind you will make wiser choices and decisions. Perhaps you will realise that by working that extra hour in the office or by completing that proposal over the weekend will not make you any happier...Full Stop,

The money will not make you happier.

Once you have discovered you are chasing all the wrong things you can now start to shift your focus.

Without going down the ridiculous and predictable route of "spend more time with your family" because for most this would simply lead to increased murder and suicide rates...

Maybe your job makes you happy, a sense of purpose. I personally love creating, developing, making and if I can do that for other people, I'm like a drug addict on his first high. And it's a pursuit, it's not achievable like buying a new car you should accept it's a journey and try to enjoy the journey.

The greatest thing I realised about happiness is that it doesn't cost me a single penny and it's infinitely abundant.

Find what makes you happy, but I can tell you one thing, it will involve spending your most valuable commodity and will likely cost you next to zero money.

If you find it costs more money than time, it won't make you happy!


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