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Working with fast-growing companies to drive new levels of revenue

LIMIVEX use industry leading global data alongside the deepest market insights available to identify your audience and then target them over multiple channels. 

Measuring engagement, nurturing and driving prospects through a fully-managed pipeline to help your organisation secure new business and drive revenue.

If you're looking to take your business to the next level and have the infrastructure in place to support rapid growth then come and talk to us about what we can do for you.

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LIMIVEX Sales Deck (7).png

Deploying the very latest technology

LIMIVEX deploy the very latest in marketing technology and prospect tracking, keeping up with the future of marketing, ensuring your messaging is reaching your prospects and your brand is known.

All our technology platforms are fully integrated with a single CRM, providing you with up-to-date statistics on campaign performance and projected revenue gains.

All our marketing processes are semi-automated meaning our clients get the high-efficiency and consistency of our AI/ML based platforms with that real human touch and channel engagement to help nurture prospects.

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LIMIVEX might use the latest technology and automation techniques but we use real humans to nurture those leads before handing them off to you.

Meaning you're not wasting your time chasing prospects that simply sneezed in your direction.

Driving Sales, Not Leads

If you've ever used "LEAD GENERATION" services in the past then most likely they have focused on a single channel of outreach then as soon as a prospect mentions they want to know more, you get lumbered with dealing with this so-called lead.

LIMIVEX will communicate and engage with your prospects, completely white labelled of course, and qualify their requirements, understanding their needs so you're best equipped to handle the meeting and the transition of the lead is seamless.​

We respond to any engagement from your prospects within 1-hour. 

Responsive - Through technology and integration.

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