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Website Design

The Lies & Deceit of What a Great Website Should Do

For decades we've been lied to about what makes a good website. We were told it's our shop-front, a shop window where potential customers could peer through to see if what we have to sell is what they want to buy. But how do they buy?

Websites are rarely created as sales vehicles, websites are typically designed as a piece of art, they look slick and have moving parts in all the right places. They make the owner and user of the website feel good and indeed they grab the attention of the visitor beyond the few seconds we have in order to do that.

But how many websites do you see that remain illusive to what that company actually does? They have used clever language and cute terminology to make themselves sound like they've re-invented the wheel somewhere.

LIMIVEX focus on building websites that create customers or at the very least capture the details of the people that are visiting your website so that you can nurture those prospects into buying from you in the future.

There's very little strategic gain to be had from having a website that simply looks good with buttons like "learn more" and sections like "gallery" - unless you actually sell art of course.

Key Ingredients For A Successful


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Lead Magnets
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Lead Capture
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I Want a New Website...

But why?

You've decided you want a new website because you would like a fresh new look. Is that really a good reason to pay for a new website? 

Surely you would want a return on any investment you make, as an SME you should be spending money only on the things that will create more money and a shiny new website with photographs of your team and a lengthy "About" section is going to take a long time (if ever) to generate that return.

Instead, you want a website that clearly tells your visitors what problem your product or service solves and it wants to say that quickly. Your new website should also have the ability to identify your visitors so that all of that money spent on google ads and other traffic driving media is not wasted by simply having visitors look through your shiny glass window (metaphorically) at a product or service they don't understand.

Your website should then clearly tell your visitors what to do next, how to buy, what is the next step they have to take in order to do business with you.

I figured I should have a website, because that's what everybody was doing.
- Dave Portnoy



A menu bar distracts your visitors from what they are supposed to do. You should be telling them everything they need to know in order to buy from you on your home page and guiding them to take action.



What is it your visitors need to do next in order to do business with you? Use "Buy Now" buttons or "Schedule a Call," and don't confuse your visitors with multiple different CTA's. Create a single means of doing business with your company from your website.



The header of your website or everything above "the fold" - the bit people see before scrolling down, is the single most important piece of real estate on your website. If this doesn't quickly and clearly say what problem you solve then you'll find your visitors clicking the back button before that quippy video has even had chance to load.



Tell your visitors what will be the results of not doing business with you on your website. Will they go back to paying a company money to create them a website with zero-potential for a return-on-investment. Perhaps they'll continue to fumble around with half a marketing strategy achieving zero results and an inability to understand why. Tell them what is at stake.

The Header of a Website

What Should My Website Header Look Like?

The header of a website is the single most important section of your website and should be treated in this way. Whilst loading times of a website are indeed very important, by saying clearly and concisely what it is your company does in plain English will allow visitors to make that split second judgement of if they feel waiting for the load is worth seeing what more you have to say - if you don't have the will, want or ability to be messing about with your load speeds.

Sliding Backgrounds - Don't use sliding backgrounds in your header or if you do, don't have the text sliding too as this can lead to frustration from the reader as there's never enough time to consider if what your saying is relevant to them.

Videos - Videos take longer to load on websites than images for obvious reasons, and longer loading times typically lead to a higher bounce rates. Videos are a great tool to use on a website but try to use them below the fold, if you're insistent on using video in the header then overlay with your clear and concise message about what it is you do, and make sure this is the first thing that loads on your page. You don't want your text being held up by the video load time.

Creating Your Header Message

There are 3 very simple but key aspects to your website header message...

1. The Problem

What problem does your product or service solve.

2. The Solution

How does your business solve this specific problem for this specific target audience.

3. The Result

How will the life of the person or business change after doing business with you.


1. Shopfront websites don't work - LIMIVEX help businesses turn their websites into lead generating sales vehicles - Generating new business whilst you sleep

2. Traditional lead generation doesn't work for SMEs - LIMIVEX provide businesses with their very own team of sales & marketing experts - Drive new sales for your business

3. Is your business suffering from low conversion rate? LIMIVEX help businesses develop comprehensive marketing strategies to help nurture prospects into buying, enabling increased growth

4. Does your business have lots of leads but no sales? LIMIVEX provide businesses with a fully-inclusive sales and marketing team to not just generate leads but close new sales to help grow your business

5. Only 3% of your market is ready to buy today - LIMIVEX help businesses capture the other 97% - Taking your business to the next level


LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants will develop a website that will stop your ads investment from going down the drain along with your sanity.

Drive New Business Whilst You Sleep.

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