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Empowering Sales Teams Globally

Let LIMIVEX feed your hungry sales teams with the leads they need to drive sales for your organisation

Your sales professionals will each have their own approach to sales & marketing, they will head off in their own direction searching for leads, chasing down prospects and kicking doors open - before they get a conversation.
We help bring your sales team together by unifying the approach and providing them with qualified sales leads so they can get on with closing new deals instead of playing hunter-gatherer.

The ONLY Sales & Marketing Company that invests our own time and money into the success of your campaign.


Fully GDPR Compliant

Protect your organisation by using LIMIVEX as your outreach partner. We source all our data ourselves so there is no data sharing to consider. We are proud of our robust data control and processing practices.

The Scaleable Solution

As your sales department continues to evolve, people leave and new people join - you can be sure we will be there to support every member of your team, giving them the best chance of success in their new role with your organisation.
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Multichannel Growth

Engaging with your target audience across email, LinkedIn and telemarketing - getting in front of your target buyers and scheduling those all-important sales meetings for your team. 

Unify and Conquer

We manage the LinkedIn profiles and content creation of your team so they can remain present and relevant without wasting time scrolling the feed or dreaming up content ideas.
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Taking Control
Seizing Ownership
Assigning Accountability

Too often, the client points and the marketing agency shoots. This can lead to the campaign failure being the fault of the client.
We spend our own money and time carrying out deep-market research into your industry, and your competitors allowing us to understand the intimate nuances of what makes your customers want to buy from you. 

We compile a detailed sales & marketing strategy explaining the channels and messaging we will use explaining the Pillar, Macro and Micro outcomes we expect to achieve.
All this before we begin billing you...
Investing in you

Talk to us today...

What to expect...

We will never push you into making a decision and our first call will be a casual introduction where we can offer advice and establish an understanding of each other.
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We can show you some current campaigns of companies similar to yours.
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
We will give you some advice on what you can do right now to improve your current sales & marketing activities.
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An informal discussion - helping us understand where you're at, and where you want to be.
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