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Sales and Marketing Consultants

We are sales and marketing consultants offering bespoke sales and marketing solutions to mid-sized b2b organisations across various industries and sectors. Operating as an outreach partner and brand marketing consultants, our expertise is focused on driving sales through enablement and outsourced sales and marketing. Our capabilities as sales and marketing consultants are unrivalled and our understanding of coupling content marketing with next-gen sales strategies has generated £millions in revenue since our launch.

Our Capabilities

Being a sales and marketing consultants demands we have a range of capabilities necessary to help our clients raise their profile and get them in front of their ideal clients. We specialise in elevating brands through creating engaging content which is then actively promoted across email, LinkedIn and telemarketing. The clients we work with enjoy a range of both creative and technical skills including:

  • Email marketing

  • LinkedIn marketing

  • Telemarketing

  • Content creation

  • Video production

Our Team

We maintain a specialised, dedicated team of sales and marketing consultants each focused on assisting with different elements of helping our clients with their individual sales and marketing goals. We also work closely with several freelancers to help support our sales and marketing strategies in both a design and execution capacity. Having this balance allows us to deploy expertise in various areas ensuring every single client achieves the highest potential return on investment without placing too much emphasis on the knowledge and experience of a single individual.

Let’s Work Together

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Our Values

LIMIVEX sales and marketing consultants is focused on creating and executing intelligent marketing strategies that allow us to raise the profile of our clients and scale their businesses through creative content marketing and intelligent outreach. We employ a small team of people in the UK that care about our clients and are driven to succeed. It's crucial that as our team expand, we maintain an open, honest and kind environment - supporting each other and our clients in any way we can. 

Daniel Hill - Company Director - Limivex Sales and Marketing Consultants

Daniel Hill - Company Director

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Taking Control
Seizing Ownership
Assigning Responsibility

Too often, the client points and the marketing agency shoots. This can lead to the campaign failure being the fault of the client.

We spend our own money and time carrying out deep-market research into your industry, and your competitors allowing us to understand the intimate nuances of what makes your customers want to buy from you. 

We compile a detailed sales & marketing strategy explaining the channels and messaging we will use explaining the Pillar, Macro and Micro outcomes we expect to achieve.

All this before we begin billing you...

Talk to us today...

What to expect...

We will never push you into making a decision and our first call will be a casual introduction where we can offer advice and establish an understanding of each other.
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We can show you some current campaigns for companies similar to yours.
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
An informal discussion - helping us understand where you're at, and where you want to be.
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
We will give you some advice on what you can do right now to improve your current sales & marketing activities.
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