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B2B Email Marketing Consultants

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants are a leading B2B sales and marketing consultants offering expert email marketing consultancy. Ensuring your emails are staying out of spam and hitting the inbox every time.

We operate as an email marketing consulting firm for many clients across the UK, US and the rest of Europe. Ensuring our clients achieve the highest level of deliverability.

Cold outreach or email newsletters, Outlook mail merge or third-party email marketing tools, you need to be sure your email marketing is performing at its best

Email Marketing Consulting

We help our clients to not just achieve the highest levels of email deliverability but we optimise the messaging, help to identify key audience segments and support with their overall business goals.

We are expert email marketing consultants.


We will carry out a detailed assessment of your sending systems and behaviour 


We implement the systems and tech needed to achieve your business goals.


We will work with you and your team to ensure your messaging is achieving your desired outcomes

The right side of the law
With various regional and national legislation to contend with it's important you operate on the right side of these regulations especially when using email as a cold outreach tool to help secure new business.
LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants will complete all the necessary paperwork to show that your business has considered these regulations and on what basis you are operating. Keeping you safe from prosecution should an investigation into your business ever happen.
Optimizing Your Tech Stack

Often our clients are using a range of expensive marketing tools, lacking a centralized data management system and failing to comply with regional or national legislation

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants help to streamline your email marketing processes and reduce costs by implementing the latest marketing tech.
Talk to us about how we can help your organisation unify its marketing environment whilst reducing costs.
Investing in you
Talk to us today...
What to expect...

We will never push you into making a decision and our first call will be a casual introduction where we can offer advice and establish an understanding of each other.

LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png

An informal discussion - helping us understand where you're at, and where you want to be.

We can show you some current campaigns of companies similar to yours.
We will give you some advice on what you can do right now to improve your current sales & marketing activities.
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