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The B2B Telemarketing Company

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants are a leading B2B sales and marketing consultants offering tailored telemarketing services for B2B service-based businesses searching for a highly-efficient outbound telemarketing solution

We have been helping companies across various sectors achieve their outbound telesales goals for many years.

Our ultra-high volume omnichannel software allows us to send those all-important follow-up emails inline with our calling so you're not paying for admin time.

High-volume outbound dialling

If you're paying for time, efficiency is key. Our custom built outbound dialler can handle even the largest of data sets.

The money is in the follow up

Ever heard this? It's true, our custom-built omnichannel software solution provides a highly efficient method of sending follow up emails without dropping call volume.

Expert telemarketers

Our team are expert conversationalists, we work from "wireframes" not scripts. Engaging people on a human level.

Telemarketing Company

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants has been operating as a telemarketing company from the very beginning, helping clients across a range of industries with their telemarketing needs from market research to lead generation and many things in between.

A generalist telemarketing company?

We have worked across a wide range of industries and sectors as a telemarketing company and one thing is always the same. 
We need to engage in a conversation with people, and no matter what industry those people are in, they are people. This is why we focus on our ability to become the very best conversationalists.

Being likeable, kind and polite goes a long way on a cold call. We are expert cold callers.

What experience do you have?

Our telemarketing campaigns range from lead generation for cleaning companies, IT companies, global software companies, haulage firms, executive search firms and recruitment companies right through to promoting content and market research for the government. 

A telemarketing company should be agile and fast-paced. This is precisely what you get with LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants

Why LIMIVEX for telemarketing?

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants invest our own time, money and resources into onboarding, that right, zero setup fee and you don't pay us for getting your campaign setup.

Schedule a call to discuss exactly how this works.
Customer Stories
Telemarketing for Recruitment Companies

By combining telemarketing with our tracked email marketing and content promotion. We were able to target those people that accepted a guide or had shown high levels of engagement with our cold outreach email marketing.

The results from this strategy had generated dozens of meetings with our client some of which went on to close new business with our client.

Running targeted telemarketing in this way allowed maximise the impact of our clients telemarketing spend and only contact people that already knew our client


Telemarketing for a
Cloud Services Provider

Our client had organised an event focused around anomaly detection using Microsoft Azure cloud technology. The event was targeting manufacturing companies that were known to be using Microsoft Azure through intent detectors and other sources

The telemarketing campaign was necessary to register people for the event but we were also able to harvest information from the target audience around their current tech stack and cloud services usage. This information was used by the internal sales team to follow up after the event with a highly tailored approach.

Telemarketing for a
Construction Companies 
A mid-sized electrical company had suffered from a downturn in business as they had always relied on a handful of large principle contractors to feed their pipeline.

Through our experience we were able to instruct them on subscribing to a UK construction project database which we could then service on their behalf. 

Within just 3-months we had grown their pipeline (fully managed by LIMIVEX) to over £20million with 18 site visits completed and estimates issued along with hundreds of quantity surveyors and buyers now being aware of their company.
  • What results should I expect from a telemarketing campaign?
    A telemarketing company should be able to give you a rough guide on the expected metrics from answer rate through to success rate based on their experience within your industry but be aware that this guide is just a guide and many factors can affect the success of a telemarketing campaign including the data we are calling, the role of the target, the size of the businesses we are calling and also the objective of the call. If you would like to get an estimate of the success you're likely to see when using LIMIVEX as your telemarketing company, then talk to one of our team today.
  • Will the same person be making my calls?
    Large telemarketing companies often have multiple people working across campaigns which means you may not always have the same person making calls on your campaign. This can cause several problems for you as the client. But as we are a smaller telemarketing company, we invest our own time, money and resources into onboarding you as a new client (zero setup fee) and we generally do this with two team members to ensure continuity of service for you in case one person is away. This means there will be one main person making the calls whilst a second person operates as a backup.
  • What reporting should I expect from you as a telemarketing company?
    During our uniquely unbilled onboarding we will align our reporting to your needs and systems before we go-live with a campaign. For many clients we integrate with their CRMs and ATS systems to provide full transparency of our telemarketing activities. For other clients they receive a monthly PDF or spreadsheet with detailed analytics providing them with an in-depth view of their telemarketing campaign with us.
Investing in you
Talk to us today...
What to expect...

We will never push you into making a decision and our first call will be a casual introduction where we can offer advice and establish an understanding of each other.

LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png

An informal discussion - helping us understand where you're at, and where you want to be.

We can show you some current campaigns of companies similar to yours.

We will give you some advice on what you can do right now to improve your current sales & marketing activities.

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