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Growing Executive Search Firms

When an executive search firm approached us to help them secure conversations with their ideal clients, it was clear that there was much more needed than just firing off some outbound email marketing messages or launching a mass telemarketing campaign or even, attacking people's DM's with messages promising of a "unique approach" and "better service".

Instead, due to the nature of their service offering and the target audience, it was first necessary to overhaul the brand and positioning to support the goal of securing new strategic partnerships with Venture Capitalists and Private Equity firms whilst also setting meetings with qualified sales leads in the form of companies that had recently received investment.

The first item on the agenda was to establish a new brand identity, and after seeing so many executive search company websites looking corporate and pretending to be larger than they actually were in order to convince prospects they were successful organisations - we wanted to do things differently.

We had two objectives in mind:

  1. Create a memorable experience

  2. Speak directly and specifically to the target audience

With this, we got to work...

And our client was thrilled with the result.

A new brand which mimicked the identity of the target audience and a website that helped position our client as a thought leader, packed with various pieces of collateral to help promote the feeling of a well-established brand (which Meyrick Consulting is).

Our client had indeed already built relationships with many large organisations in the food and ingredients sector and had built a plethora of case studies where they had placed executive leaders.

In the end, we had built a brand that was ready to be marketed across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.

But, it wasn't so simple. LIMIVEX spent the time researching the space of venture capital investors and private equity firms, we also carried out a deep dive into the world of executive search firms in and around our clients' chosen niche.

Now, we were ready to build out a comprehensive sales and marketing strategy - a written document explaining how we would build omnipresence for our client, including the precise messaging, segments being targeted, and channels we would use. We produced a 17-page document explaining every single detail of how we would attack the market and build credibility. And, following insightful feedback from our client, we made several adjustments to the campaign strategy so that we could all get behind the marketing strategy, and we all knew precisely what to expect from the campaign through the detailed pillar, macro and micro outcomes which we could measure our success against along the way.

We then entered into "proofing" 2-weeks of us operating a fully managed sales and marketing campaign in line with the 17-page sales and marketing strategy we produced. At this stage, we are PROVING the strategy we put together will produce the pillar, macro and micro outcomes that we have outlined in the sales and marketing strategy.

Once our client and we were happy, we hit the "Go-Live" button, which is when our billable period begins.

The Results

In the 18 months that this client has been with us, we have:

  • Raised the profile of the brand to the point where we are receiving inbound enquiries

  • Secured over 30 conversations with leading VC/PE firms - many leading to introductions to their entire portfolio of companies

  • Secured over 100 conversations with senior business leaders in the food and ingredients industry.

Three of the meetings we secured each had a £3Million+ revenue potential, and we are yet to receive feedback on the outcome.

The success of this campaign is entirely due to the clients' appetite to operate a content marketing strategy. Their focus was not on so called lead generation but instead on building credibility in their marketplace through brand marketing and producing collateral that positioned them as an industry thought leader. Which was then aggressively marketed across Email and LinkedIn - helping to get on the radar of key decision-makers and ideal clients, whilst also qualifying a buyers position on their engagement journey.

The results for our client speak for themselves.


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