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Launching a NEW BRAND in Recruiting

83ZERO IT Recruitment Specialists had established themselves as the "go-to" for technical IT talent and had built up a client base of large blue-chip companies and smaller tech firms and vendors. 83ZERO had been working with a large European vendor on helping them secure several top data scientists when they saw a huge opportunity within the "data" niche.

83DATA was born...

Like any new brand or business launches and attempts to establish itself as a contender or even a leader - it's vital to promote both credibility and integrity so as to instil confidence in potential clients.

The launch of 83DATA involved building out the marketing collateral which could then be promoted using our email marketing capabilities.

Marketing Collateral and Content Creation

The first two pieces of collateral included a stock footage promotional video and brochure which could highlight the brands' specialisms.

This video was produced to engage an audience through impactful imagery and music, whilst we were able to storyboard, compile and edit the footage in a relatively short timescale and on budget. The end product was applauded by our client and their audience.

The new brochure design was to include imagery of robots whilst tying in elements of the brand they had already established, highlighting testimonials from key clients.

Our client was very happy with the final publication as we worked closely together to build out the value proposition in a clear and engaging way.

Email Marketing Campaign

Once we spent the time getting to know 83DATA, their industry, their target audience and the unique proposition the recruitment specialist was offering to its clients, we were ready to start running the email marketing campaign. Targeting by job role we were able to secure several meetings with key decision-makers which 83DATA was able to close - securing a positive ROI quickly. Those clients continue to work with 83DATA on all of their data roles.

Content Marketing

Once we had a campaign up and running, generating leads which 83DATA were converting into revenue, building ambassadors for their company through delivery of their specialist recruitment services. Our client commissioned the production of a 2021 salary guide which would help to further bolster their position as a data recruitment specialist. LIMIVEX's team got to work building out the design and researching content to help us construct a story.

This guide was marketed by email to our current target list and a wider audience of 5,000 senior data job titles.

A Valued Marketing Partner

Today LIMIVEX has been working with 83DATA as their chosen marketing agency on building out marketing collateral and email marketing - generating new business for more than 2-years.

LIMIVEX is the ONLY sales and marketing agency that invests our own time, money and resources in your success. - Talk to us to learn more.

We design and execute bespoke omnipresent marketing strategies to help mid-sized B2B companies drive sales across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.


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