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The B2B Email Marketing Agency

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants are a leading B2B sales and marketing consultants offering a range of email marketing services to help B2B service-based businesses take full advantage of this powerful marketing channel.

Our expertise in email deliverability is second to none. We couple this with our years of experience in cold outreach and HTML email newsletters to provide a comprehensive solution for organisations of all sizes.

If you're looking to maximise the potential of your email marketing, close more business, optimise your nurturing flow or even outsource the entire process - LIMIVEX have the answer.

Email deliverability experts

Ensuring your email marketing campaigns are reaching their intended destination remains the number one priority of email marketers - we have the expertise needed.

Email marketing that converts

When constructing email messages that convert there are several factors that will not only draw your audience in to take action but also enhance deliverability. We have the experience and knowledge your organisation needs.

Data-driven decision making

Our systems can fully integrate with your CRM, ERP or ATS platforms allowing you to see precisely what is going on and where we are taking action to enhance your email maketing campaigns.

Email Marketing Agency

LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants has spent years understanding email deliverability and the various factors which affect the success and failure of email marketing campaigns, from cold outreach to email newsletters. 

If your business is using email marketing or would like help deploying an email marketing strategy in-house of outsourced to us, we have your back.

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Email Marketing Consulting

Deliverability Optimisation | Tech Stack Implementation | Message Consultation | IP & Server Management

Get a handle on your email marketing and maximise the returns on your efforts with a fractional email marketing consultant 

Email Deliverability Audit

Full Sending System Audit | LIVE Placement AnalysisDNS Check | DMARC Analysis | IP & Domain Monitoring

Get a detailed report on your sending systems, IPs and domains along with actionable insights on how you can improve your deliverability.

Blog Articles | Audience Management | SEO Optimisation | Dedicated IP Address

Let us manage your email newsletters from writing SEO optimised content and branded graphics to regularly distributing to your audience 

Cold Outreach Email Management

Expertly Written | Results Driven Fully Managed  Includes Targeted Data GDPR Protection

We will operate a full, end-to-end email marketing campaign to help you generate new business using our own high-reputation email servers and domains.

Why LIMIVEX for email marketing?
LIMIVEX Sales & Marketing Consultants have been helping B2B service-based companies with their email marketing for many years, enabling our clients to generate £millions in revenue, expand their pipelines and raise awareness. Whatever your objective, we have the strategy, expertise and tech to help you achieve it.

Schedule a call to discover just how deep our knowledge of email marketing runs.
Investing in you
Talk to us today...
What to expect...

We will never push you into making a decision and our first call will be a casual introduction where we can offer advice and establish an understanding of each other.

LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png
LIMIVEX Sales Deck (5)_edited.png

An informal discussion - helping us understand where you're at, and where you want to be.

We can show you some current campaigns of companies similar to yours.
We will give you some advice on what you can do right now to improve your current sales & marketing activities.
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