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Not Just a B2B Email Marketing Agency

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What is a B2B Email Marketing Agency

It's true that as a B2B marketing agency we are proud of our expertise in email marketing. And, whilst most may think that this is simply about writing a catchy, engaging email and then blasting it out to thousands of prospects. This couldn't be further from the truth. There is a lot of technological trickery involved in ensuring emails find their way into the inbox and it doesn't come in the form of MailChimp or SendGrid.

In this guide, we'll show you how to build an email marketing campaign which is "almost" as good as that which would be offered by a marketing agency.

Although, before you choose this single marketing channel you should consider if an omnipresent approach is better suited to your business or if indeed an effective, standalone email marketing campaign will give you the results you need.

Yes, our expertise in email marketing deliverability is hard to compete with. At the end of the day if your emails aren't landing in your prospects' inboxes then there's really no point sending email in the first place.

But, LIMIVEX design and execute omnipresent marketing strategies for mid-sized B2B organisations that are looking to achieve real growth within their business. Through our creative branding and design skills coupled with our ability to target prospects across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn - our clients are able to reach a whole new audience with high-quality, professional marketing collateral.

A B2B Email Marketing Agency Focused on Deliverability

There are a number of things that will prevent emails from reaching an inbox and all of the bases need to be covered. It's not possible to operate an effective customer acquisition strategy from the spam folder so yes, deliverability should be your single focus in the beginning.

Sending email like a professional B2B Email Marketing agency

If you have decided to DIY a B2B email marketing campaign there are a few things we want to make you aware of so you can be sure you get off to the best start, allowing you to engage with a larger audience and build out a sustainable and predictable customer acquisition strategy.

Setting up a B2B email marketing agency-like campaign

Here we will assume you've already identified your target audience and you have a validated list of direct email addresses of key decision-makers. We will also assume you have completed a legitimate interest assessment for the specific campaign you intend to run in order to comply with current GDPR regulations.

1. Authentication and Encryption - Before sending any email you should ensure the domain is authenticated by installing several DNS records including SPF, DKIM, DMARC and BIMI this will allow your sender address to become both compliant and aligned which will give you the very best chance of avoiding the spam folder.

  1. Try to help you get these set up, they also include some great walkthroughs which will help the lesser experienced domain administrator navigate the various TXT records needed to stay out of the spam folder.

  2. Take a look at to check you have installed the records correctly and that these have propagated before sending any email. And while you're there check the blacklist status of your domain and IP range.

  3. If you're sending email through SMTP relay using services like Google Workspace or Microsoft365 you should check encryption is turned on.

    1. Note: Do not send cold outreach emails from your main email ID or domain. We would also not recommend sending from Microsoft365 servers either as they use technology to identify users sending multiple emails (not even large amounts) with identical packet sizes and quickly block these accounts. This is less of a problem for more established 365 users, although remember we would not recommend sending from your main domain/account/email ID.

2. Writing an Email - Here we're also assuming you understand how to write an engaging email in line with your campaign goal (typically to get a response but this doesn't always have to be the case) - a few pointers:

  1. The email should use simple language

  2. Start with the reason you're reaching out, and end with a simple call to action

  3. The main paragraph should be no more than two or three sentences

  4. Avoid using bold, all caps or bullets

  5. The email should read like you spent 5-minutes writing it - not a literary work of art

    1. Note: This advice is typical for standard cold outreach email for a B2B service-based business targeting decision-makers with the intent of getting a reply and covers only the very basics.

3. Sending Email - I know what you're thinking, Mailchimp right? Well, this platform is a great choice for sending out newsletters to people that have subscribed to your mail list or have already bought from you in the past. It's virtually impossible to get new prospects to engage with you using this type of email. You'll need to open a paid account with what we believe is the best commercially available email marketing solution for cold outreach email if you don't have a custom-built system. Head over to - a money-saving tip; you don't need the enterprise level, but you'll probably want the "Growth" level to enable the most popular functionality.

Oh, and one last thing. Get up and running with and too, and then you may have built yourself an email campaign worthy of a professional B2B email marketing agency (minus the high-reputation sender IP address and servers) but you're almost there.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my open rate be on my email campaign?

A well-constructed cold outreach campaign should be achieving between a 40-50% open rate. This would require a complete DNS configuration as above alongside a sufficiently "warmed" email ID and a highly targeted list of validated prospects. Let's not forget the importance of an intriguing subject line and that critical first line which shows in many email clients and is just as important as the subject line when you're looking to get your message in front of your audience.

Why is my open rate so low?
My IP address is listed on a blacklist, what should I do?

LIMIVEX design and execute bespoke omnipresent marketing strategies to help mid-sized B2B companies drive sales across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.


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