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Lead Generation vs Omnipresence Marketing Strategy

With so many organisations placing lead generation at the very centre of their marketing strategy on the basic formula of:

No. of Leads x Conversion Rate x Average Customer Value = Potential ROI

But, as we know the "lead gen" industry has gained somewhat of a bad name over the years with low quality, so-called, leads being at the forefront of people's minds when they are considering this as an option. And so what transpires is actually:

No. of Leads/Average Lead Quality x Conversion Rate x Average Customer Value = Potential ROI

Then the real potential return on investment becomes a little underwhelming, but of course there are many variables that are still not taken into account here. Let's take a look at what a successful "lead generation" campaign hinges on...

  1. Product or Service - Of course this is a factor! If you're selling cleaning services to an office manager or facilities manager then this is very different to marketing a business which provides software development services to CTO's of organisations with more than 1,000 employees - Finding case studies from lead generation companies that tell a clear success story on marketing a product or service just like yours is a good place to start


  1. Price Point - Again, consider the difference between marketing a cleaning company and marketing a software development company. A service which has already been commoditized like cleaning, where the only real differentiator is your brand - it's much easier to get a conversation directly with the decision-maker whereas pitching a £500k tech stack development project is likely to involve several decision-makers and so an account based marketing strategy would work best here and is worth considering an omnipresence marketing strategy over a straightforward "lead gen" type service.

  2. Credibility Threshold - The next thing to consider which is the cumulative effect of the first two points is the credibility threshold; for complexed and high-value products or services the marketing strategy being used should be focused on building relationships and obtaining conversations with key individuals and less about trying to generate sales appointments across email marketing or telemarketing as the credibility threshold is much higher here. An omnipresence marketing strategy works really well here as your investment into marketing will be noticed by your prospects which has an immediate effect on a businesses credibility. Visibility and discovery is key.

  3. Marketability - When you grasp just how many businesses are operating in your space it can be overwhelming at best to consider just how you're going to get the attention of your audience so, ensuring you have your brand in order before investing in any kind of lead generation or outbound marketing could be a good move to help you maximise any investment you make into an omnipresence marketing strategy or indeed simple lead generation. Get some honest and open feedback on your digital presence, website and overall brand. We increase the marketability of your business by elevating your brand by creating a package of marketing collateral including; insightful industry reports, PDF guides, videos, landing pages and even full websites. All before we start billing you - ensuring you see the highest possible return on your investment in an omnipresence marketing strategy with LIMIVEX.

  4. Message, Audience and Channel - You will often hear marketing agencies talking about this because, it's absolutely true that if you get any one of these three variables wrong then the results can be disappointing so if you're going to bet your entire marketing strategy and company's future on one channel, a single audience and a single message then do your research and make sure you're not throwing time, money and your company's revenue potential down the toilet. We create a 15-page written sales and marketing strategy for every campaign BEFORE we start billing. By adopting a multi-channel, omnipresent approach we take advantage of email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.

The Approach - When you're looking to establish a marketing strategy to help power real growth it's not good enough to simply consider message, audience and channel. Instead it's important to map out the full engagement strategy, from the initial outreach to the goal of each engagement including the path of how you will get there.

Having looked at just a handful of variables which can affect the success of a lead generation campaign and how to position a marketing strategy around this - you should now consider if "lead generation" is right for your business or if an omnipresence marketing strategy is the way to power real growth for your organisation.

We design and execute bespoke omnipresent marketing strategies to help mid-sized B2B companies drive sales across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.


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