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Building Omnipresence for a Global SaaS Company

LIMIVEX relies heavily on a fully integrated tech stack to help us drive sales for our clients across email, LinkedIn and telemarketing.

In search of a call solution that could be fully customized to our needs and integrated with Pipedrive CRM we spent 12-months testing and searching and testing and searching...

After speaking with Steve McSherry at Daktela we were able to work with their development teams to produce a call solution that would do everything we wanted with the extra capability necessary for us to scale and grow our service offering and value proposition to our clients.

Once Daktela were able to see up close, precisely how our marketing methods help to build omnipresence across email, LinkedIn and telemarketing - they wanted a piece of the action.

The Sales & Marketing Headache...

Daktela obviously had a great product as we were completely sold on the platform after more than a year of what was market research - trying to find a telemarketing solution that would do everything we wanted whilst integrating seamlessly with our other technology.

Their earlier searches for a sales and marketing solution had led them to individual strategy specialists which had sold them on various "standalone" marketing strategies - none of which were able to fulfil their needs.

Daktela had spent a small fortune on Google Ads, email marketing campaigns, telemarketing campaigns and LinkedIn profile management campaigns. All falling short of their expectations and needs.

LIMIVEX Sales and Marketing Consultants help mid-sized B2B organizations build omnipresence across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn marketing using intelligent outreach and creative content marketing.

Lead Generation

LIMIVEX tries very hard not to be categorised as a Lead Generation company despite the obvious fact that this is precisely what we do. We use email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn to operate a multi-channel growth strategy.

From the outset LIMIVEX explained that due to the nature of their product space - their target audience would likely already be under a lengthy contract and so running a traditional "buy from me" cold outreach campaign may not produce the "quick-wins" they are asking for from other marketing companies.

Instead we recommended running an omnipresent content marketing strategy. Producing a piece of "bottom of funnel" content that would then be actively promoted across email, LinkedIn and telemarketing to their target audience. This would then help us to qualify the prospects interest in Daktela's product and their role in procuring new call solutions.

The Most Hated Questions You Should Ask Omnichannel Software Providers...

This title was chosen to not only pique the interest of our target audience but also by asking them if they wanted a copy with a message of "can I send you a copy of our new guide - it's only really relevant if you are in the market for a new call software solution" rather than simply firing it out on a brand awareness campaign we were able to achieve a number of key campaign objectives:

  1. Qualify that they may be in the market for a new call solution

  2. Identify the person as being involved in the procurement of this product

  3. Open a dialogue with this person by offering value up front

  4. Establish the Daktela call solution as brand within the organisation.

Telemarketing, Email Marketing and LinkedIn Marketing

We initially promoted the guide to a highly-targeted audience over email, and pipelining any prospects that accepted a copy either by reply or downloaded on a landing page that we had created. We also actively promoted the guide through LinkedIn direct messaging and group messaging (over 150 actions every day on LinkedIn alone). The people that had not downloaded the guide or replied to our email but had shown a level of interest through our engagement tracking were then called by our telemarketers to help further promote the guide and open up a dialogue with prospects.

Video Content Creation

As LIMIVEX were indeed also a client of Daktela we decided to produce a video testimonial for the campaign which was then promoted to other marketing agencies and telemarketing companies that would find value in the Daktela call centre software solution

LIMIVEX is the ONLY sales and marketing agency that invests our own time, money and resources in your success. - Talk to us to learn more.

We design and execute bespoke omnipresent marketing strategies to help mid-sized B2B companies drive sales across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.


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