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Finding YOUR LinkedIn Marketing Strategy

With so many LinkedIn coaches and social selling experts out there all publishing their own version of self-serving advice it can be difficult to wade through and find your own "voice" and style of content.

But, that's just it!

It's YOUR voice!

First things first...

Clean your LinkedIn

Do yourself a favour and reduce the number of people you follow on LinkedIn that post

THEIR opinion on how LinkedIn content should look - pick the few that post the type of content you like to see and agree with, not the stuff that makes you question yourself.

Some of this content can be highly valuable and provide real actionable insights but too much of it will leave you questioning your direction, strategy and ability, so limit your consumption on this front.

Also, block those people that post content on how all LinkedIn content looks the same - there's been an uprising of these lately. You want your feed filled with your target audience and positive encouragement, not people telling you how wrong they say you're getting it.

Okay, so now you're cleansed of negativity and some of the anxiety about what you should be posting and how you should supposedly be using LinkedIn. It's time to focus...

Assess Your Current Position & What You're Selling

Finding a LinkedIn marketing strategy you should think about what your business needs and then work backwards. Do you need sales and leads right now? - okay, the scorched earth approach might be the way to go. Do you need sales in the next 3-6 months? - This is achieved via a much softer approach. Or, maybe you're looking to raise the profile of your company and want to deploy the "give, give, give, ask" approach.

Similarly, if you're selling a relatively high ticket service then going in with a cold pitch via a scorched earth approach is unlikely to yield the results you deserve as there is a credibility threshold you will need to overcome first. On the other hand, if you have a SaaS platform that prospects can see and feel before they buy with a relatively low tick value then you'll find this to be a much more transactional buyer journey so constructing an engaging cold outreach campaign is the way to go.

This is an important step when deciding how to engage with people in the DM's (direct messages) and your strategy in its entirety.

There is a scale and you need to find where you're business is on that scale before moving any further. Drop us a message and we'll send you a link to our sophisticated calculator so you can understand where your service or product places you on this scale which will give you an instant indication of a social media marketing strategy you can implement.

Post something - anything. Get it out there. If it flops - so what, no one saw it anyway.

Remember, this is about FINDING a strategy, so try some things out, don't just carry on the same path hoping for a different outcome. Equally, understand, posting content won't suddenly build you a following and is unlikely to start bringing in leads right away. You could write the best content in the world every day for months yet your content will only receive a few hundred views and no actual leads. If no one knows who you are as a human they'll never feel completely comfortable engaging with your content and they certainly won't care what you're selling.

So there are four things you will need to consider when looking to establish yourself, your brand and your company on LinkedIn:

  1. Connection Strategy - you should be constantly connecting with people, but choose your target audience here wisely as LinkedIn will begin to learn who you are connecting with which will help the algorithm understand "a little" as to who your content should be placed in front of.

  2. Engagement Strategy - Identifying a target audience is nothing new but too many people get dragged into spending hours of the day scrolling the feed. It is important to have a highly targeted list of around 100-200 people (that actively post AND engage with other posts) on LinkedIn. Create a list of profile links in your CRM in a separate pipeline to your sales and start to engage with these people consistently. Talk to us about setting up workflow automation in your CRM to help auto-schedule tasks and activities that will help you achieve a consistent sales & marketing strategy.

  3. Direct Messaging - If you've established where you sit with your business goal versus ticket value and credibility threshold using our calculator then you will have the actionable insights needed to construct the engaging messages needed to drive sales.

  4. Content Strategy - this is the very last thing that you should be thinking about, not because it's the least important but because you'll need to have the others in place before you'll get real traction on your content. You're looking to build a tribe of followers that know you, like you and trust you (if only on a very basic level) and you can't achieve this without engaging with others.

Think of it as a bank - every engagement you deposit with others through comments and likes will then provide you with comments and likes in return (as a withdrawal). If you stop depositing you will stop being able to withdraw bar a small overdraft where people will continue to engage with you for a while.

Every organization's service, product, goal, need and desire are very different. LIMIVEX is the only agency that invests its own time, money and resources in creating a detailed written sales and marketing strategy through deep market research before we start billing. Talk to us about your sales and marketing goals and how we can help grow your organization through intelligent outreach and creative content marketing.

We design and execute bespoke omnipresent marketing strategies to help mid-sized B2B companies drive sales across email marketing, telemarketing and LinkedIn.


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