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Sell Value - Not The Product

The Matchless Marketing Methodology

Focussing on the value and benefits of your product, rather than the features of the product itself, is an excellent marketing approach. Value-based selling is successful because your prospect is more likely to feel that they are making a worthwhile investment - and isn’t that what it’s all about?

Value-based Selling - Let’s Break it Down

The purpose of offering value is to engage your prospect, and this works because you are taking into consideration their wants and needs, answering the question: what will be the result for them? Value-based is shifting the focus from product features to the values and benefits it provides. It’s essential to get this right as you can guarantee your prospect receives product-focused emails and calls daily - stand out and showcase what your business has to offer!

“The value of your product is obvious to you, but not your prospect. Trigger the value thought first, and have them consider the product later.” - Limivex CEO

Tailor Your Technique

If you are selling based on value, then the value will be the primary decision criteria. Make sure to align your strategy with your prospect’s business goals: what exactly is the value you bring - will your product help increase productivity or revenue?

  • Avoid empty platitudes: Explain tangible, measurable value to the business

  • Be indispensable: Make your prospect feel your product is essential to business success

  • Capitalise on pain points: How your product can solve problems and how you have done so successfully for other clients

  • Get their attention right away: Have a key value as the subject of your email

  • Multi-touch approach: Briefly outline your key benefits and go into more detail in an email sequence

  • Differentiation: Why would your product be of more value to the prospect than your competitors?

  • Client Examples:

Not just name-dropping for the sake of it, peak interest and build trust in your product by using examples of how your product has provided real value to other businesses in their industry. If you have testimonials with substance you can include - even better!

“Marketing is enthusiasm transferred to the customer” - Gregory Ciotti


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